Panel Competition Rules Images entered into Rolls-Royce Photographic Society competitions must be entirely the work of the photographer, including all components of composite images. A panel will consist of four related images based on a common theme. Entrants can enter one print panel and one PDI panel. The entry requirements of prints and PDIs are the same as in the monthly competition rules. When submitting your PDI entry, send four individual PDIs and also send a composite of your PDIs in a 4x4 matrix, image size of the composite to be 1400 x 1050 px to billhall33(at), change the (at) to @ in the email address. Panels must contain at least two images not used in previous Club competitions. A trophy will be awarded to the panel judged to be best in the competition. The runner up will receive a HIGHLY COMMENDED certificate. Third place winner will receive a COMMENDED certificate.
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16 July 2018