RRPS Monthly Competitions 2016/17 - See other pages for Mono and Natural History Rules As discussed and agreed at the AGM in May, we have decided to change the format of the monthly competitions for next season. We will still have 7 internal competition evenings in the programme so the amount of the programme dedicated to internal competitions hasn’t changed. The Panel Competition will remain the same. For the other 6 competition evenings we will have 3 PDI evenings and 3 print evenings. On each PDI evening we will run 4 PDI competitions which will run through the season (Novice, Advanced Natural History, Advanced Mono and Advanced Colour). Each person will be allowed to enter 3 images per section each evening. The print evenings will run in a similar way. So if you are a novice, as last season, you may choose to enter either PDI, prints or both (or nothing at all of course). However, as there are only 3 evenings for each section, you will only need 9 PDIs over the season and/or 9 prints so hopefully this will encourage a few more entries. For advanced photographers, you have the opportunity to enter 3 PDI competitions and 3 print competitions. You can enter all of them, none of them, or anything else in between. For each competition you would need 9 images over the season. For each of the competitions over the season you will be able to discard your lowest score, so the best 8 of your 9 images will count. RULES. We want to continue to have the minimum rules for the competitions. They will be as follows: Novice competitions are “open” i.e. any subject allowed. If you can’t decide if you’re a novice or advanced then talk to Bill Hall. All images entered into the Natural History competitions must comply with normal Natural History exhibition rules here. All images entered into the Mono competitions must comply with normal Mono exhibition rules here. No Natural History images to be entered into the colour and mono competitions. In all competitions no images allowed that are “substantially similar” to images entered into previous club monthly competitions. Any image that has previously been entered and has scored 14 points or less may be entered again in another season. Print Entries Prints should preferably be mounted on card or board, with a mount size of 40x50cm. Prints should be titled and named on the BACK of the mount, in the same attitude as they will be displayed, no names to be displayed on the front please. Prints entries must be handed to the Competition Secretary by 7.30 pm. on the evening of the competition. Projected Digital Image (PDI) Entries Digital images should be jpgs and sized 1024 x 768 pixels with colour space sRGB. Please note: Images at 1400 x 1050 pixels will also be accepted, however the club accepts no responsibility for any loss of quality or cropping which may occur in projection due to the use of this non-native resolution. Digital titles MUST be be in the following format: TITLE by Author e.g. TIGER by Bob Smith or WINTER SCENE by Ann Jones. Please note that the above syntax is important, especially the " by " separator which must be in lower case and be preceded and followed by a space. Projected Digital Images and Print titles should be sent to the competition secretary no later than the Sunday prior to competition evening, to the following email address: competition@rr-ps.org.uk. Projected Digital Images may only be entered on USB memory sticks under prior agreement with the competition secretary. In which case they must be clearly identified as to which images are to be entered, i.e. in a folder as Comp.1 for example, or with only the images to be entered that evening on that stick. A memory stick entry must be handed to the Competition secretary by 7:30 pm. on the evening of the competition.
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16 July 2018